About us

“I’m just a poor boy, from a poor family…”

Well, something like that, anyway. Here at RockTee, we just love music. Mainly rock. Classic rock, heavy metal, grunge (ooh, we do love grunge), punk rock, new wave rock, alt-rock… you name it, we love it.

Not only that but, growing up, we were always ‘those kids’ in their band t-shirts, proudly demonstrating their awesome music taste through the medium of clothing. So that got us thinking: maybe we should help others find the perfect band tees for them? And not some crappy eBay knock-offs.

And so RockTee was born. And shopping for your favourite band t-shirts couldn’t be easier.

We’re only a small online business. We try to do our best. That may mean some slower delivery times. Or maybe even a slightly higher price than you might find on Amazon, etc. But we care more. And we work hard.

So, if you like what we offer, why not help us out by recommending us to your friends?