Why can't I find the shirt I want?

That is a very good question. Like most people over the past year or so, the pandemic has played havoc with our day-to-day work. Not only have we been unable to dedicate the time to the RockTee business, but the impact on supply chains (I know - yawn!) means we've had to rework our business model ever-so slightly until we get back on track. 

What this means for you is that we may not have as much stock as we would like to offer. So, if you're searching for classic Metallica t-shirts or the latest Bring Me The Horizon tops, we may not have an option in stock. That said, we're working to find new and reliable suppliers, as well as point you in the right direction of where else to buy (yes, these are affiliate links from which we may take an small referral fee). 

We understand that this arrangement isn't ideal. It's not ideal for us either. But for the time being, it's the best we can offer. So please, bear with us a little bit longer if we're unable to supply your shirt. We're doing our best! 

All our love!