Founding Staind Drummer Jon Wysocki Dies at 53

Jon Wysocki, the original drummer and co-founder of the iconic rock band Staind, has passed away at the age of 53. His death was announced by his most recent band, Lydia’s Castle, in a heartfelt social media post. “Jon Wysocki passed away surrounded by family and friends that loved him dearly,” they stated, with further details expected to be released soon.

Wysocki’s musical journey began in Westfield, MA, where he was influenced by legendary bands such as The Beatles, Kiss, and Led Zeppelin. His tastes evolved during his teenage years, embracing heavier sounds from bands like AC/DC, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath. In 1995, he joined forces with Aaron Lewis, Mike Mushok, and Johnny April to form Staind, a band that would leave a significant mark on the rock and metal scenes.

During his tenure with Staind, Wysocki was a pivotal figure, contributing to seven of the band’s eight albums before his departure in 2011 during the recording of the self-titled album. Staind acknowledged his crucial role, saying, “From practice in Ludlow, Mass to touring around the world, Jon was integral to who we were as a band.”

Following his exit from Staind, attributed to a breakdown in relations with frontman Aaron Lewis, Wysocki briefly joined the Chicago alt-metal band Soil, though he did not record with them. His musical career continued with the arena rock group Save The World, which released its debut album in 2020 under Frontiers Records.

The cause of Wysocki’s death has not been officially confirmed, but Tonya LeeAnne, Lydia’s Castle’s singer, revealed that he had been battling significant liver issues, necessitating intensive care in his final days.

Tributes have poured in from across the music world. Soil released a statement mourning the loss of “not only a great friend, a great drummer, but a great human being,” emphasising his impact both personally and professionally. Staind expressed their condolences, reflecting on the profound memories and experiences shared with Wysocki.

As the music community mourns, fans and fellow musicians remember Jon Wysocki as a talented drummer whose rhythms helped define an era of rock music. His legacy in the music industry will undoubtedly endure, marked by the powerful beats and deep passion he brought to every performance.

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