Guns N’ Roses Eye New Album as Slash Balances Band and Solo Projects

Legendary guitarist Slash has revealed that Guns N’ Roses are in the process of crafting a new album, their first full-length record since 2008’s ‘Chinese Democracy’. The iconic band member, who did not feature on the previous album, has been actively involved since his return to the band in 2016.

In a recent interview with the Daily Star, Slash expressed his current commitment to Guns N’ Roses, stating, “We are trying to make our own record,” highlighting his dual role in helping to shape the band’s future while also pursuing his own musical ventures. His comment came in response to why he didn’t feature bandmate Axl Rose on his latest solo album, explaining that it was a separate project.

This week, Slash launched his blues-driven solo album ‘Orgy Of The Damned’ under Gibson Records. The album showcases a star-studded lineup, including contributions from AC/DC’s Brian Johnson, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, and an array of other music luminaries across tracks that reimagine blues classics.

The release follows his recent tour with Myles Kennedy & The Co-Conspirators, culminating in a dynamic performance in Paris where they were joined by Wolfgang Van Halen for a cover of ‘Highway To Hell’. Slash also made headlines with a memorable appearance at the Oscars, performing alongside Ryan Gosling and again accompanied by Van Halen.

As Guns N’ Roses fans eagerly await further news on the new album, Slash’s ventures continue to highlight his influential presence in the rock and blues music scene, confirming his dedication to both his band and his solo work. The rock community watches with anticipation as one of its most revered figures helps steer Guns N’ Roses towards their next big project.

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