Tool Talk Touring and the Timing of New Material with NME

Since the release of their breakthrough EP ‘Opiate’ in 1992, Tool has carved a reputation as one of the most revolutionary metal acts of their generation. Thirty-two years on, their intricate rhythms, immense technical prowess, and otherworldly lyricism continue to captivate fans. However, recent years have seen a notable scarcity in their output, with fans waiting 13 years for the release of ‘Fear Inoculum,’ the follow-up to 2006’s ‘10,000 Days.’

In recent months, the band has reassured fans that the long waits are behind them. Following their upcoming tour dates, they plan to head to the studio to work on their sixth album.

“It’s surreal because I remember it coming out like it was yesterday,” bassist Justin Chancellor told NME regarding ‘Fear Inoculum’ hitting its fifth anniversary. “We’ve had a really good run for it. We’ve been touring extensively, and it’s interesting playing the songs for a few years now.”

Chancellor notes that playing live helps them understand their music better. “When you record the songs, you think you’ve worked them out, but you never fully understand them until you start playing them live. It’s been a pleasure exploring them further.”

Speaking to NME ahead of their UK and European tour, Chancellor discusses what fans can expect from the new material, their outlook on the creative process, and the possibility of more intimate shows.

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