Sublime Returns with New Track “Feel Like That,” Featuring Bradley Nowell and His Son

Sublime, the iconic ska-punk band, has broken their musical silence with the release of “Feel Like That,” their first new song in nearly three decades. The track features a poignant blend of past and present, combining vocals from the late Bradley Nowell, the band’s original frontman, with contributions from his son, Jakob Nowell, who now leads the group.

“Feel Like That” debuted on streaming platforms today, marking a significant moment for fans of the band. The song also includes performances by Scott Woodruff, the frontman of reggae band Stick Figure, who had started crafting the track before Sublime became involved.

Rolling Stone magazine revealed that the song’s catchy hook, delivered by Bradley Nowell, originates from an impromptu jam session recorded in 1996 at Pedernales Studio in Austin, Texas, owned by Willie Nelson. At that session, Sublime members Nowell, bassist Eric Wilson, and drummer Bud Gaugh stumbled into what would become a memorable refrain: “Let me tell you why I feel like that.”

The recording was never officially released and instead circulated among fans through bootleg copies under the name “Eireen.” In a creative twist of fate, Woodruff began piecing together the song years later, using samples from these archived sessions. His efforts laid the groundwork for what would eventually involve the younger Nowell, who added his vocals in January this year.

Sublime re-emerged onto the live scene with a performance at Coachella 2024, thrilling audiences by playing “Romeo,” a track from their 1991 repertoire, for the first time in over two decades. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Wilson expressed gratitude for the archival recordings that made this new release possible. “We are blessed that we still have all these old recordings and that we were able to stumble upon an outtake that has been sitting there waiting for all these years,” he said.

The band is not stopping with just one song. In February, Gaugh teased the possibility of more new material from Sublime, suggesting that they are “ready to explore all options as far as recording goes,” including potential remixes and entirely new projects.

With “Feel Like That,” Sublime not only pays homage to their roots but also sets the stage for a new chapter in their storied musical journey, bridging generations and rekindling the unique sound that once defined an era.

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